Specimen #1097

Name: Jamesonite on Quartz

Type: Micromount

Locality: Zacatecas, Mexico

Favorite? N

Fluorescent? N



Acquired: 2008-12-14

Source: Ian Heales Collection

Label: N

Comment: Jamesonite is one of a few sulfide minerals that form fine acicular crystals that appear as hair-like fibers. The fibers may be so thick as to cover a specimen with hair-like fibers or it may be sparsely dessiminated between other minerals and may be confused with actual hairs. Boulangerite and millerite are two other sulfides that form similar acicular crystals and can be mistaken for jamesonite. However, millerite is yellow and boulangerite has flexible crystals. Jamesonite also forms larger prismatic crystals that can be confused with stibnite. Jamesonite crystals have less definition in its crystals and are more brittle. Jamesonite is a sulfosalt, a segment of sulfides where the antimony acts more like a metal than a non-metal and occupies a position where it is bonded to sulfurs. Jamesonite has been called feather ore and grey antimony.

Minerals: Jamesonite (Pb4FeSb6S14) Quartz (SiO2)

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Jamesonite on Quartz, Zacatecas, Mexico - FOV: 4.9 x 3.3 mm (7 stacked images)