Specimen #2394

Name: Rutile included Quartz

Type: Gem

Locality: Brazil

Favorite? N

Fluorescent? N

Size: 13.97 mm

Weight: 8.54 ct

Acquired: 2012-02-03

Source: Arkenstone Auction

Label: N

Comment: Everybody is probably familiar with this material, but have you seen how these gems have sky-rocketed in popularity recently? I have seen some European gem and jewelry dealers who are SELLING this material for $100 per carat, and it is flying off the shelves. It seems to have found a niche in the European market, and buyers and dealers alike are scooping these gems up as fast as they can find them. I honestly have always liked these gems, but now they are becoming more difficult for me to purchase. This stone is a colorless Quartz "Round" cut stone, but it features beautiful golden Rutile needle inclusions. With the high prices being paid for these gems, they will more than likely always stay at a high value from now on, so do not miss your chance to scoop up this top notch stone for a rock bottom price.

Minerals: Quartz (SiO2) Rutile (TiO2)

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Quartz with Rutile, Brazil - FOV: 14.5 x 21.7 mm - 8.54 cts