Specimen #2493

Name: "Prasiolite" (Green Quartz)

Type: Gem

Locality: Brazil

Favorite? N

Fluorescent? N

Size: 9.05 x 7.08 mm

Weight: 1.66 ct

Acquired: 2013-06-14

Source: Arkenstone Auction

Label: N

Comment: Please note: This material is not naturally occuring like the "Prasem" Quartz from Russia or Greece. This material is Amethyst that has been heated to turn it green. The green color can also be caused by irradiating some quartz. This is not to say that there is not natural green Quartz out there, but the stuff that is being marketed as "Prasiolite" is not natural. This is not green Amethyst either. The word Amethyst is indicative of color, so as far as I'm concerned, Amethyst is purple and this is simply green Quartz. With that said, this material seems to be all over the market rigt now and has made a real splash over the last few months in the jewelry world. This particular stone is a very attractive, eye clean, light green color gem with a lovely "Brilliant Oval" cut. Enjoy.

Minerals: Quartz (SiO2)

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"Prasiolite" (Green Quartz), Brazil - 9.05 x 7.08 mm - 1.66 ct - FOV: 7.1 x 10.7 mm